Our ERP system includes Basic Data Management, Business Management, Account Receivable
/Payable Management, Technology Management, Purchasing Management, Warehouse management, Production
Management, Human Resources Management, Equipment Management and Foreign Trade Management.

Basic Data Management
Basic Data Management is the function module to create and maintain basic data in common use in the system,
realize information share of all basic data. Therefore the data can be referenced from system in operation flow
without the multifarious job of inputting the repeated data, input the data into system in shortest time. It includes
the below data which is used in enterprise production and operation management: customer information,
supplier information, material archives, work center, etc.



Business Management

Business management is the module to control and administer the whole business flow by order as masterstroke,
it can reduce order preparation time, reduce mistake rate and improve management efficiency and level of
business department by information management; As the operation data is the base of whole production
preparation, it can quicken the communication and information transfer between busienss department and other
correlative departments, reduce unnecessary misunderstandings and mistakes, improve the credit degree and
character by disposal of information procreant in every operation tache, etc.



Account Receivable/Payable Management

Account receivable/payable mainly aims at gathering the information among finance department, warehouse,
operation department, purchasing department, etc., so each department manager and enterprise leader can
look over the circs of account receivable and account payable from customers and providers at any moment,
reminding function of expiry capital can quicken capital turnover, and appraise the credit standing of customers
and providers. The mainly function modules include: record account receivable, gathering list, gathering check,
account payable input, payment list, payment check, etc.

Technology Management

Technology Management is the module to finish preparation work of sample and order production, make and
copy technology material such as sample order, material list, all kinds of complex material BOM sheet, etc.;
At the same time, technology department makes its work plan according to general plan of the order, provide
the cost of the order style to operation department as quotation reference according to sample result, mensurate
work procedure and work time as production order reference at the same time. Technology department provides
quotation reference to operation department, provides material list to purchasing department, so itís a connecting
link between the preceding and the following, it needs to communicate with each department, the system can reduce
the misunderstandings furthest and reduce loss. The main modules include: sample management (sample sheet,
sample plan, sample transceiving management, sample cost check), order production (process chart, material list,
paper sample management), etc.


Purchasing Management
Purchasing and warehouse are the centers of material flow, demand estimate influences the cost control of
enterprise directly, purchasing circle selection influences the capital velocity of enterprise directly. Purchasing
management is the module to provide the best purchasing time, real time stock query according to the real time
feedback information of operation and production data; Analyze and select the best supplier according to history
purchasing record; Make enterprise purchasing standardization, reduce stock, save cost by connect enterprise
demand, stock, purchasing, capital application closely. Purchasing management finished the below flows:
material demand plan, purchasing material confirmation, capital application, purchasing order, purchasing invoice
management, account payable, The main modules include: material demand, supplier supply circs query,
material purchasing, purchasing contract, purchasing confirmation, material process, capital application, invoice
register, account payable management, etc.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management provides general management of material stock and correlative warehouse
position. It can connect with other modules, provide real time stock record and material arrival circs, help
follow material schedule and flow circs, create all kinds of stock report forms, reduce stock capital occupancy,
guarantee material flow fluent. Warehouse management realize into and out of warehouse management
according to business, purchasing and production data. The main modules include: warehouse initialization,
incept sheet, QC sheet, account sheet, finished-product warehouse, warehouse query and warehouse sales,

Production Management

As one of the most important taches of enterprise production and business, the core of production management is
to gather data of each production preparing tache (production task list, material schedule circs, work center resource.)
at the same time provide decision-making to management department based on the self-production capacity to make plan.
Carry out the plan and the control workshop task by analyzing the production plan and the feedback, At the same time,
provide statistic analysis report forms, quality analysis report forms, and capacity analysis report forms of all workshops.
The aim of production management is to supervise and control the workshop production movements. The main modules
include: production center, production notice, cutting notice, cutting task, cutting pattern process, repairing record,
work ticket input, outside processing center, etc.
Human Resources Management

The base of enterprise development is staff; the development of every enterprise depends on management
of staff, so our human resources management system provide strong capable person library, all staff flow and
attendance circs including incumbency, dimission, roll will be in the system clearly, reduce the complicated
workload for leaders furthest. The main function modules include: personnel archives, personnel information, etc

Equipment Management

Equipment management sub-system actualizes centralized and unitive management of equipment running circs,
basic information of equipment, equipment maintenance and malfunction circs, equipment remove circs, etc.,
provide all kinds of query and statistic analysis reports to managers of all levels, who can know the equipment
circs at any moment, take measures in time, and then draft out the equipment maintenance plan, control the
management of spare equipments and spare parts warehouse. The main function modules include: equipment
register, maintenance record, equipment purchasing application, equipment purchasing, equipment into-
warehouse, equipment scrap, equipment sales, etc.


Foreign Trade Management

System provides all orientations query function to control operation flow in real time; applies customer order
information platform, analyzes the important sale and profit data from customer, order style No., department or
operation operator, provides quick decision-making supports to leaders; Adopt standard template of garment
industry to design all documents, using report form tool to make report form with different format according to the
especial requirement of different documents, therefore adjusts the space of documents in this aspect and deals
with other aspects conveniently. Provide information disposal of documents making, invoice creating, operation
account book during all foreign trade document flows, change circs of information distortion during traditional
document making. The main function modules include: contract, invoice, L/C, packing list, commercial invoice,
custom applying sheet, place of origin, etc.