The software includes : Style Design, Pattern Design, Grading, Marker Making, Process Design
and Data Conversion

Style Design

 > Supply many designs and international standard PANTONE textile color card.
 > Supply open and powerful design style library, fabric library, part library, etc. to
designer for reference.
 > Change colors, fabrics, material on model practically, display effects quickly for
 > Supply many kinds of fabric and color filling ways to get different color matching
effects and shorten design time.
 > Modify pictures scanned, taken by camera and downloaded from internet freely
for designer to get new idea in short time.


Pattern Design

 > Supply many tools for different pattern design approaches, such as proportion
pattern making, formula pattern making, prototype pattern making, intellective
structure-line pattern making, convenient pattern making etc., to meet the different
requirements of pattern designers of different ages and different habits in pattern
 > Supply many kinds of intellective curves models, you only need confirm three
basic points, then the curve will be created automatically, you can also modify it
freely. Show all tools with buttons and provides shortcuts for making dart, pleat,
allowance, special angle, lace, division, abutting, notch, shrinkage, etc.
 > Supply multi measurement tools to get accurate data and keep them in the
specification table for reference.
 > Supply comparing tools, compare two patterns for modification.
 > Supply standardized input and output functions, can connect with other output



 > Supply the most complete and convenient grading approaches, such as Auto-
grading, Spec-grading, Equal-grading, Unequal-grading, Copy-grading, Direct-
grading after inputting etc. Divide the graded pattern at will and there is no need to
set again before grading, which improves efficiency.
 > Supply copy function to the positions with the same requirement of grading or with
the same template, which makes the process easy and convenient. Transfer the
modification of prototype pattern to all the corresponding graded patterns
 > Supply intellective direction prompt, which makes your selection easy. Check the
effect of grading immediately.


Marker Making
> Supply different proposals instantly.
 > Supply operations of exceeding width and information of pieces exceeding width.
 > Supply kitted roller function to knitted material.
 > Supply ďsetting with napĒ function to fabric with direction requirement. Show used
length, utilization rate, unmarked piece automatically.
Set different shrinking rate directly according to different fabric, and the remarking
after the setting is instant.  Small pieces fill the lap automatically and save a lot of
time. Output the marker sheet in the proportion of 1:1 or in any another proportion
either by plotter, or as the data of CAM directly.

Process Design
  > Make complicated manual making process easy, establish enterprise process
form model according to text and chart link to strengthen production management.
 Abundant graph tools, for example: Single stitch, double stitch, bridding, covering
stitch, zip, button, etc., which makes graph easier, and modifies without any trace.
  > Supply abundant color library, make process design more beautiful practically.
 Powerful parts library, you can select different parts according to your needs.
  > Supply special symmetrical graph way, which make working efficient.
 Matriculate information such as pattern automatically, mark process signals at
special places.

Data Conversion

 > No matter where you are e, over a dial up connection with your partner, ECHO can
get you to communicate with your partner freely, advance efficiency information
transferring and reduce information transferring cost with long-distance data
transition and transferring system.
 > You neednít pay large amount of mailing cost.
 > You neednít check if the patterns have arrived.
 > You neednít worry about production delay for patterns shipping delay or custom
 > You neednít worry about business for data communication with international CAD
 > Data could be converted by ECHO CAD directly, TIIP-DXF (Japanese CAD
standard), AAMA-DXF (American CAD standard) both could be transferred by
echo. This ensures the converting of data between different systems of different
countries conveniently.